Our environmental commitment started in 1996 when Toni Floriach joined the Refurbishment and Environmental Services of the Professional Association of Building Engineers of Barcelona. This was the beginning of his long experience in the field of sustainability and edification, doing consulting work as well as launching and coordinating the website http://www.csostenible.net (Agenda on Sustainable Construction) from the very beginning until now. Apart from this, he has also attended and given presentations at many conferences and symposiums.

GPCAT promotes training to our engineers in this field to enable them to meet the current needs of the market and to anticipate and prepare for future demmands.

Along these same lines, we believe that the environmental certification of buildings will foster the introduction of environmental parameters to the building practice. GPCAT is authorised to issue the VERDE Environmental Certification of Buildings, promoted by GBC Spain, and soon will also be authorised to issue the BREEAM ES Certification since some of our engineers are authorised certificators of these independent organizations.