Team of Building Engineers

Over 50 years

Multidisciplinary team of specialized technicians.

GPCAT is a team of Building Engineers with over 50 years of combined experience in work execution management and all services involved. In June de 2008, GPCAT was established as Limited Liability Corporation under the name of Gestió i Direcció Tècnica d’Obres SLP.

We are a multidisciplinary team of specialized technicians with diverse skills and knowledge (construction management, safety and health, refurbishment, environment) which work together with consultants from other fields (Architecture, Geology, Structures, Fittings…). This way we can assist globally in a coherent and effective way the needs of developers, owners and building users –either public or private- when planning, maintaining or refurbishing their buildings, also reducing their impact on the environment.


Specialized Managers

People, their knowledge and their skills are GPCAT’s most important asset. The quality of services we offer are mostly based on this asset too. For this reason, our day-to-day priority is to secure and to improve our knowledge, and to guarantee the continuity and cohesion of our team.

All members of GPCAT attend training courses and enrol in postgraduate courses with the aim of keeping themselves up to date. We also take an active part in training activities, seminars and conferences, and work as professors in several courses and postgraduate degrees of which we can highlight the Execution Management and Construction Monitoring Postgraduate Degree at CAATEEB. Toni Floriach has been Program Director since it was launched in 2004. He has also been a professor in this degree, as well as Carles Oliver.

Moreover, GPCAT constantly develops and systematize its own tools and work methodologies, such as the systematization of construction check-ins, execution control follow-up forms, economic and time monitoring charts, and the creation of internal technical notes with the purpose of solving any technical problems or any regulation issues that may arise in our day-to-day work, in a fast-changing sector like ours (i.e. railing stability and control, absorption and adhesiveness in screeds).

This concern has led us to work and cooperate with several committees and working groups at CAATEEB (Professional Association of Building Engineers of Barcelona): the Committee for the creation of a quality control methodology adapted to CTE, and the Commitee for the drafting of the new ITE decree amongst others. Togeher with CAATEEB we have developed new professional tools like the software Llibre de l’Edifici (Book of the Building) as well.



Founder of GPCAT

Antoni Floriach i Puig

Co-founder of GPCAT - Surveyor since 1965

Carles Oliver i Cornet

Gpcat member, Technical Architect since 2003, Enginyer in Industrial Organization since 2006 and Graduate in Building Science and Technology since 2014.

Cisco Juarez i Rosello

Architect of Gpcat, Architect since 2001

Anna de Torres i Calçapeu